Conflict handling:
It is not allowed to make public accusations against another player. The game administrator will delete these immediately.
If problems are suspected the game administrator will be contacted in private and the problem will be explained. (If the gamehost is the suspected trouble maker, the player heighest on the diplo-vote scorechart that's not involved in the conflict will be contacted and act as the conflict handler.).
The conflict hanlder will then pause the game (or ask the host to) and explain in public there's a problem. He'll tell the other player(s) in private about the situation. If the involved players can't agree with eachother, both involved parties will then send a list of players (in private) to the conflict handler. These lists contain players that are acceptable to them to judge in this conflict. The conflict handler will then pick 3 players that are on both lists and ask them to judge. (The conflict handler will never judge himself).

Both involved players will then send a brief explanation about their own position in the conflict. The host will then send this to the 3 judges. The judges will all make a personal judgement and inform the host. The host will then disclose the result of the judgement. All players will accept the final verdict and the game moves on.

* China has a problem with America
* China pm's the conflict handler and explains the problem
* the conflict handler contacts America, pauses the game and explains the situation briefly
* the conflict handler asks both parties to send a list with acceptable judges.
* For china these are: Natives, India, Egypt, Khmer, Netherlands, Japan and Russia.
* for america these are: Natives, Mongolia, France, Netherlands, India and Japan
* The conflict handler selects 3 judges:: India, Netherlands, Japan
* The conflict handler posts who the judges are in public
* America and China write a brief explanation of their case to the conflict handler by pm
* the conflict handler will send these explanations to the judges by pm (the argument will never be made public)
* the judges will make their verdict and inform the conflict handler by pm
* the conflict handler will publish the verdicts. Majority wins. In this case: America
* China accepts this verdict, perhaps after needing some Cold Turkey Time.
* The game moves on, even when everyone knows that every verdict is imperfect. After all it's only a game and we need a mechanism to find a solution.

Public Accusations will always be deleted by the host from the forums.
If not 3 acceptable judges can be found outside (not in the game involved) judges will be asked by the conflict handler.