Game settings:

- Map: World Map
- Players: 18
- Normal Barbarians
- Huts All over the World
- No Random Events
- Turn timer: turn 1-150: 8 hours; 151-300: 14 hours; 301+: 16 hours
- The first turn will last for 48 hours
- Choose religions
- no tech brokering / trading
- no vassal states (cheaper colonies)
- ships move twice as fast on ocean tiles!

Game rules:

01. Anonymous Play
a. All players will receive an anonymous apolyton account (like "Greece (DoE)"), which they will use for diplomacy (post and PM) and story telling (posts). The players behind the civs won't be revealed during the game. When players login to the game they must write down an anonymous name to keep their true identity hidden.
b. It is not allowed to reveal anybodies anonymous identity or to speak about these identities in private or public. During the game people may get more and more clues, but still keep their mouth shut.
c. Both in IC threads/posts and OOC threads/posts players will only use their Anonymous ID.
The only exception to the rule is when there's a vote on a gamerule or game mechanism. Then players will use their normal Apolyton ID to vote.
d. An extra anonymous general ID will be created which can be used by all players to send a message to the game administrator for administrative purposes, like "extend the turn timer, next turn there will be war"
e. The game administrator will use his normal ID for game administration purposes.
02. Rule Breaking
When rules are being broken the game will be reloaded. The host can reload immediately when a breaking of a rule is obvious. If it's not obvious to everyone the game will be paused (again) and conflict handling will be effectuated.

03. Wartime Double Moves
a. Civilizations that are at war have to observe the turn order. The turn order is set during the first turn of the war. If the invaded party played first in the turn before the war started, then the agressor must let him play first in the next turn as well before he can declare war on him.
b. Players are free to agree on a new turn order if all involved parties agree and this new turn order is published in the organization thread and all involved parties publish their agreement there as well. 
c. The host will pause the game if the turn is about to advance in about 2 hours while any player involved did not play his turn. 
d. During war all players must always play their turn. If it takes a player more then 24 hours the game administrator will look for a temp sub.
e. If player A wants to declare war on player B while B did not play the turn before (or was first in the turn order the turn before), then player B is first in the turn order.
If B still did not play 1 hour before the turn ends, player A becomes first in the turn order. The game administrator will pause the game when A is done.
04. City Trades
a. City trades are allowed. Receiving a city back (from anybody) that you traded away in the past 50 turns is NOT allowed, unless requested in the org thread and nobody objects for ooc reasons within 48h.
b. Trading cities during wartime with anybody but your enemy is not allowed unless all your enemies agree.
05. Subbing
a. Subs will always put '(sub)' behind their name when they login to the game. (ie. 'Emperor Augustus (sub)')
b. tmp subbing for allies is allowed. Tmp subbing, for civs that lost their player completely till a perm sub has been found, is only allowed for civs that are not closely involved with the civ they wil sub for. (no neighbours, no enemies, no allies).
c. If a civ has not been played for 10 turns in a row or 20 out of 25 turns, a a perm sub will be looked for. Civs like this won't be annihilated.
06. Civs will never be annihilated.
07. Measured War Rule
a. When 51% of the players for ooc-reasons think that a war should end then it must end. This to avoid that civs will be cripled too much by a war. The terms of the end of war are in such a case: immediate peace for 50 turns. It is advised for both parties to agree on the best possible terms for peace before this happens.
b. Such an end of war must be organized in the org thread. (ie. players must announce their opinion regarding the end of a war in the org thread).

Reasons for such an end-of-war vote are only OOC! Not IG (like: my allie is losing this important city)
(check dictionary of terms for the meaning of 'measured war')
Debates/votes about this will always happen with the normal apolyton id's, not the anonymous id's!
08. IC actions should not be discussed OOC
With the exception of Rule 7
The Game administrator will delete ooc-discussions from the threads.
Positive one-line comments are allowed. (ie.: "Good story Korea" or "Well played war Spain!")

09. Contacting the Game Administrator
The game administrator will give his cellphone number to all players so that everybody can send him a text message when problems arise and no internet connection is available. Players will always inform the host, either by PM, e-mail or telephone about 'real live' events that may affect the game.
10. Rule Change Procedure
a. When the game has started rules can only be changed if 66% of the players that vote within 48 hours after the rule change has proposed agree. (excluding abstaining voters).
b. A vote change must always be announced in the org thread an by a PM to all players anonymous accounts. The game administrator organises rule change procedures.