Diplo Score Mechanism:

After every month all players are invited to vote on the stories and role playing of all players.
Using a special web application a total of 20 'points' can be assigned, with a max of 5 points per player.
The 2 categories:
- Story Telling
Story telling is about how a player tells the story of his civilization and how he communicates with other leaders. How he handles his characters, shows the relation between story and in-game actions, explains the behaviour hof his civ, includes graphics and images, is able to entertain it's readers, etc.
A great part of the fun of a diplo game is the creation of an amazing story thread. This contains everything from national epics to diplomacy, newspaper articles to lies, text, screenshots and images. A player gets votes for storytelling for their contribution to the story thread. There are no rules as to what marks out a good contribution - we all have different tastes - what is too much detail for one person, may be exactly what another person values, some people will give more votes to one brilliant piece than to someone who produces lots of mediocre material, someone else will value quantity more. When voting its simple - give people votes if you personally enjoy their contributions.
- Role Playing
Role Playing is about how the in-game actions and the tone of his messages reflect the role of the player. Is the fascist dictator really playing as a fascist? Does it make sence that the fanatic orthodox jewish leader has an alliance with the fanatic orthodox buddhist leader? Is the peaceful friendly leader really friendly and peaceful to his neighbours? In short: do the actions of a player compare to the story role he assigned to himself.
The definition of a diplo game is "A Diplomacy Game is a game in which all players lead their civilization as if they're leading a real nation". Under 'role-playing' people are given votes for the degree to which they do this. Is there a consistency and belieability about the actions of that civ - its in-game actions, its diplomacy, what it says about itself. What nature a civ has is up to the player to decide and to evolve as the game progresses - but they get votes for the believability and consistency of this, and the interest it gives to the game. If you act as if you are 'playing a game', you won't get many votes; but if you can give the rest of us the impression your nation actually exists, you deserve to get lots.
Per month all points a player receives in both categories will be calculated.
Based on this a score list will be created per category.
The #1 on that score list will receive X scorepoints. (X = the number of civs in the game). The #2 will receive X-1, etc.

America, Russia, Korea and China are in this game
(for this example every civ can assign 10 points per category per month)
China votes: (story telling)


America votes: (story telling)


Russia votes: (story telling)


Korea votes: (story telling)


Final score:

Korea 4gp
Russia 3gp
China 2gp
Ameri 1gp
China 4gp
Ameri 3gp
Korea 3gp
Russi 1gp
China 4gp
Korea 3gp
Russi 2gp
Ameri 2gp
Koera 4gp
Ameri 3gp
Russi 2gp
China 1gp

For May America receives 5, 1 and 2 points from the other civs.
This adds up to a total score of 8 for May.
That's the 4th position for story-telling in May (since Korea (12), Russia (11) and China (8) all got more poitns)
The 4th position gives 1 game point (gp) to America for story-telling in May.
Likewise do they get 3gp's in June, 2gp's in July and 3gp's in August.
A total over the entire game of 9 gamepoints for storytelling for America.
14 gamepoints for Korea
8 gamepoints for Russia
11 gamepoints for China

Likewise the Role Playing category will result in gamepoints.
Let's say the results for Role Playing are:
12 gp for America
10 gp for Russia
11 gp for Korea
8 gp for China
Now the gamepoints for both categories are added together:
America: 9 + 12 = 21
Russia: 8+10 = 18
Korea: 14+11 = 25
China: 11+8 = 19
Conclusion: Korea won the game with 25 gamepoints.
(Korea also won the Story telling category, America won the Role playing category) 
Every civ assigns his points in the first week of the month.
If a civ fails to assign his points,  5 points per category will be substracted.

Players will rate OOC! Not based on IG situations!
Thus the player of China may be at war with the player of Russia but still gives him a 7 rating b/c of the way his enemy plays this war! Players rate based on reasons, not on score positions. (no political rating).

The ratings will remain anonymous till the game is over.
It's up to the players to showcase their achievements to gain good ratings.